If your business is a car, the sales team is the engine; without it, your business is going nowhere.

Sales teams are imperative to growing your business, and unfortunately, many businesses fail because they simply don’t have the sales team they need.

Here are some of the reasons why sales teams are important to your business:

Sales lead conversion rate.

A business’s sales team is in constant contact with its target audience to build a rapport with leads, hoping to convert them into customers.

The sales team are responsible for taking the prospect through the sales pipeline and, ultimately, closing the deal.

If a business has a strong sales team at its centre, they have an improved chance of converting more leads to customers, thus increasing revenue and customer base. Managing leads is the most important thing to ensure sales are achieved.

Business growth.

Personal interactions between the salesperson and the prospect can instil trust and confidence. Making current customers happy can lead to brand advocates who leave positive feedback, which in turn can influence other prospects.

In this digital age, where customers can leave comments and reviews on websites or social media at the click of a finger, building strong rapport and real relationships is crucial.

Developing relationships with customers is an effective way to create long-standing relationships, which will lead to customers who will recommend the business to friends and family and help grow the business.

A recent survey found that the sales experience drives 53% of customer loyalty, so your sales team must be trained to provide a positive service.

Customer Retention

While making a sale is essential, creating relationships to retain customers is also necessary.

A recent report by Forbes found that attracting new customers will cost your business five times more than keeping an existing one.

One of the keys to customer retention is to perform sales follow-ups. Setting up an after-sales call is a great way to maintain and build a positive relationship and allow the customer to provide feedback about their experience.

In an article, Forbes found that “increasing customer retention rates by just 5%, increases profits by 25% to 95%.” Furthermore, “82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition.”

Therefore, customer retention is key to business growth as maintaining customers is considerably cheaper than acquiring new ones and can also improve the profit of a business.

Final takeaways.

You must not underestimate the importance of the sales team and the vital role they can play in growing your business.

Not only can they have a positive impact on your business’s revenues and profits, but brand reputation, long-term customer relationships, retention of customers, and overall business growth.